Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Art Blog 25 Nov 2015

Working now on fishes and animals of the Arctic Ocean and African rivers (i.e. Congo, Nile) for my next two children's Fishes and Whales books. I also have released individual works ahead of the books to buy on shirts, hats (Cafepress, Zazzle), wallpaper, fabrics (spoonflower), etc. on my shopping sites. I added Dalls Porpoise, and Elephant Fish for the next two books, in addition to Nile PerchTigerfish, and Harp Seals.  Also assembling a master book of all my fishes, and whales,  in a large color book called Sight Fishes for 2016, as a kid's fish identification work. For that book I pushed out a liopleurodon design on my designs page) .  If you didn't know, that monster had a giant set of jaws with snaggly teeth, like a mosasaur but bigger jaws compared to body length. For extinct animals, take pictures from a set of fossils, then using what I know about biology, then take some guesses for color and muscle structure. On the same site you can find my DunkleosteusOrthoconeXiphactinus, and  Megolodon. Illustration is by far the longest time element in any of my children's books, but I can reuse the drawings usually in other books, or for sale.