Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Space Art and Fish Art

Still drawing African fishes, almost done enough for my next book (Madison's African Rivers).  Drew up the classic elephant snouts (Morymid family), a Kafue pike, an Aba fish (an electric knifefish), Bichir, and many (many) more cichlids, puffers,  and characins. I have to say Africa has some of the most interesting freshwater fishes in the world to be sure! Amaizing how many tropical rivers freshwater pufferfish (as the Amazon, Nile, and Congo do).

Since I am on the planning committee for the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) in St. Louis MO this summer, have gotten to see a good sampling of space art, and added a few snippets of my own here and there. Did up a new kid's space book (You Will Farm in Space) which gave me the chance to be both engineer and artist to make all the diagrams and concepts.  Many space farm concepts of mine will have Earth applications too.

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