Thursday, February 25, 2016

If you hit my spoonflower site or Image Catalog (or Pattern catalog, now all mobile-friendly), you will notice lots of dizzying fish and dolphin patterns emerging...why may you ask? Because I did those two adult coloring books (now on Amazon, bn, etc.) :
  • Of Oceans and Rivers, Fishes and Whales: A Coloring Book of Marine Life for Grown-ups and other Children (available on Amazon here)
  • Of Oceans and Rivers, Fishes and Whales II: A Coloring Book of Marine Life Patterns for Grown-ups and Others (available on Amazon here)

  • In doing those two books, especially the second one (which is all patterns, black and white of course so you can add your own imaginative colors), I got inspired to make the natural full color patterns for stuff and fabrics/wrap/wallpaper too. 

    What emerged are flowers, stars, swirls, wheels, and the like...which I hope you will like.

    I might make a few into cool Hawaiian shirts for myself :0)

    Calm Seas, Sunny Shores, and Tight lines,

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